Our program for Moon Mission #1 has closed. Our computer chip is now with the rocket company for launching later this year.
We did reserve space for our capsule on the next rocket flight to the Moon, under contract and paid for.
Many new programs for this flight.  This will be another winner!
Please call me if you are interested joining us. My number is (352) 205-6194 or e-mail me at DavidHvandeVelde@gmail.com
Thanks for joining us on the first flight and now forwards with the much larger and even more interesting Moon Mission #2.
For the students, we continue the Anti-Bullying programs.


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All pictures will be reviewed by the LAKE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE (lcso.org)!

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Students, scouts, and schools blast off for free! Add your story and photo for the certificate which is going to the Moon!


Individuals, groups, or families can send their story and photo to the Moon!


Be the first business of your kind to build on one of the Virtual Cities on the Moon!


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